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How a Dedicated Back Office in India Transformed a US Tech Firm.

Outsourcing back office operations has become increasingly popular among US businesses, providing numerous benefits such as cost savings, access to a skilled talent pool, and streamlined operations. One back-office outsourcing example involves a US-based tech firm that wanted to outsource coding projects from India.

Recognizing the need for skilled coders and the advantages of setting up a dedicated office in India, VMG collaborated with the tech firm to meet their specific requirements. The chosen location for the dedicated office was Bangalore, a prominent tech hub known for its abundance of highly skilled professionals.

By establishing a dedicated office in Bangalore, the tech firm was able to recruit senior-level coders with extensive industry experience. The ability to hire such talent at domestic salaries was a significant advantage, enabling the company to build an enterprising team of coders within a short period.

With a dedicated team of skilled coders in place, the tech firm experienced significant cost reductions compared to conducting the same work in the US. The lower operational costs in India, coupled with the expertise of the coders, allowed the company to deliver high-quality coding solutions at a fraction of the cost they would have incurred domestically.

The benefits of having a dedicated back office in India extended beyond cost savings. Direct engagement with the coders enabled seamless collaboration, ensuring efficient communication and project execution. The tech firm had complete control and oversight over their team, allowing them to align their coding projects with their specific requirements and business objectives.

Furthermore, setting up a dedicated office in Bangalore provided the tech firm with access to the vast talent pool in India. Bangalore, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is home to numerous skilled professionals in the tech industry. This allowed the company to tap into a diverse pool of talent, bringing in fresh perspectives and ideas to enhance their coding projects.

Having a dedicated back office in India also provided the tech firm with scalability. As their projects grew in scope and complexity, they were able to quickly ramp up their team in Bangalore to meet the increasing demands. VMG’s support and expertise ensured a seamless scaling process, ensuring that the company’s operations remained uninterrupted.

In summary, by partnering with VMG and setting up a dedicated office in Bangalore, the US-based tech firm achieved remarkable success in their coding projects. The ability to recruit skilled coders at domestic salaries, coupled with the cost savings and streamlined operations, propelled their growth and competitiveness in the market. Today, they have a dedicated back office in India that serves as a strategic asset, providing them with a competitive edge in the tech industry.

If you’re a US-based business looking to optimize your coding projects, consider the benefits of back office outsourcing from India. VMG can assist you in establishing a dedicated office, hiring skilled professionals, and ensuring seamless operations. With a dedicated back office in India, you can unlock cost savings, access a talented workforce, and take your business to new heights of success. Contact VMG today to explore the possibilities and embark on a journey of growth and efficiency.

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