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Call Handling Outsourcing

We can form a dedicated team for your business call-handling service requirement. The outsourced call agents can handle both support and sales-related calls. They will be fully trained in your business and available round the clock. We also provide overflow call-handling services and out-of-hours call-handling services.

Outbound calling your customers and prospects

These calls may include cold outreach, qualifying sales leads, follow-ups, verifying customer details, explaining product features and benefits, and gathering survey responses, among other purposes.

Sales Lead Qualification and Closure: We call the leads in your database to quality them. Therefore, we will save your sales team valuable time and resources because they can focus on leads that matter for your business.

Sales Demo Scheduling: We can set up appointments for demo sessions with your potential clients. Hence, helping your sales team to directly connect with potential customers.

Appointment Setting: Our outbound call handling services can call your potential clients to set up appointments, hence increasing your team’s closing rates.

Cold Calling Campaigns: Our team can handle targeted cold-calling campaigns therefore increasing your sales opportunities.

Up-selling & Cross-selling: We can call your existing customers to up-sell and cross-sell new products, therefore increasing your sales revenues.

Tele Surveys/Information Gathering: Our calling services can gather valuable market information through telephone surveys, hence helping you make data-driven business decisions

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Call your customers and ask them for their feedback on their overall experience in using your products and services.

Welcome Calls: Ensure a positive experience for new customers by with a warm welcome.

Reactivating Dormant Customer Services: Our calling services can help to revive dormant customer relationships by re-establishing contact and getting them interested in your latest offerings.

Subscription Renewal Services: Retain your subscribers by using our outbound call handling services to call your subscribers before their subscription expiry date.

Data Validation Services: Use our outbound calling service to maintain a clean customer database of business contacts.

Outbound calling of your prospective employees

In certain businesses, like delivery services, our calling services can handle HR Job Applicant Follow-up work. We make calls to job applicants to get more of them to attend your interviews.

Inbound calling handling services

We can form a 24/7 team of inbound call agents to take care of your inbound calls. Hence, there will be trained phone support agents available at all times.

Telephone Answering Call Center: We provide reliable telephone answering services. This includes out-of-office hours call handling services and overflow call center, therefore making sure that customer problems are quickly answered.

Order Inquiry Services: Our inbound call handling services can answer calls related to order inquiries.

After-Hours Call Center: We can provide out-of-office hours call handling services. Hence, extending your customer support beyond regular business hours and being available for your customers at all times.

Order-Taking Services: Our inbound call agents can take orders over the phone, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Reservation Booking Services: We can provide inbound call agents for reservation booking services.

Virtual Receptionist Services: We can serve as your virtual receptionists, providing essential information and assistance to callers at all times.

Dealer Locators and Referral Services: Connect customers with the right resources by helping them locate dealers and providing referrals. Therefore making it easy for your customers to buy your products and services.

Technical Support Calls: Provide technical support over the phone, assisting customers with product or service-related issues. Hence, you can reduce your refunds and keep your customers satisfied.

Contact us today to explore how our call-handling services can benefit your business.

Your Outsourced Call Handling Team
Ready in Just Two Weeks!

Here is a timeline to set up your dedicated call center.

Now You Are Here
Contact us right away.

In a Few Hours
We’ll reach out to you to better understand your specific requirements.

Within Two Days
We’ll promptly inform you if we have the necessary resources to meet your needs. If yes, we’ll then provide you with a detailed quotation.

Within Seven Days
You can expect to receive a draft of the agreement clearly outlining the terms and conditions.

Within 15 Days
Once the agreement is signed, your outsourced team will be assembled within 15 days. We’ll introduce you to the team leader, who will serve as your primary point of contact throughout the project.

Within 15 to 30 Days
During the subsequent 15 to 30 days, our team will undergo training based on the materials you provide to ensure they are fully aligned with your expectations.

Within One Month
You’ll be kindly requested to prepay the first month’s invoice, and your team will be set in motion, ready to go live.

After Going Live
Our commitment doesn’t end there. We’ll continue to train and refine the team to ensure we consistently meet and exceed your requirements throughout the project’s duration.

Why One-Agent Resolution Matters

Findings from Salesforce Research in 2022 (see below) highlight customers’ preference for a single customer service agent to resolve their issues, minimizing the need to navigate between multiple agents. While not every query can be resolved by a single agent, with omnichannel capabilities, our customer service teams can seamlessly engage with customers across various communication channels such as voice, webchat, email, SMS, social media, etc.

Valuable resources:
SalesForce Report – Insights from nearly 17,000 consumers and business buyers in customer engagement.

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