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In 2005, our journey commenced when a forward-thinking U.S.-based internet entrepreneur contacted us one evening to oversee his live chat support during his off-hours. Since then, we have helped numerous businesses to successfully outsource customer support, sales, and admin support functions to India.

Starting our outsourcing services journey

We started in 2005 when a US-based internet entrepreneur approached us one evening (India time) with a simple request: to maintain his live chat support during his off-hours.

That very evening, we stepped in and worked throughout the night, answering live chats. Soon, in a matter of days, we formed a dedicated team of agents to monitor the chat conversations 24/7, including holidays.

We worked with that initial client (and the future buyer of his business) for the next 18 years, handling over a million live chat conversations. Our cost-effective services paid for themselves through increased leads and reduced refund requests. Hence, our client continued to use our outsourcing services for a long period of time.

This was the start of our journey two decades ago.

Since that beginning, we have offered our 24/7 chat, email, phone, and admin support services to various clients, from Fortune 500 companies to leading Indian corporates to entrepreneurs.

24/7 coverage of support and sales outsourcing

Right from our early years, our strength has been forming and managing 24/7 teams capable of delivering outsourced customer support and sales support services from India. Hence, we know what it takes to hire, train, and retain a team to deliver the service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Building quality with a dedicated, stable team

Currently, our workforce has around 400 individuals. Our team members tend to stay with us for many years, mainly driven by a sense of ownership of their work. It is because of the dedication of our team members that VMG has been able to deliver a stable service to our clients.

Our team members are predominantly highly motivated women working from their homes all over India. Read here about how we have been encouraging and empowering women in our teams.

We select team members based on each client’s unique requirements and train them before they start work. Hence, this way, we ensure the work is done in a reliable way.

To maintain quality, we’ve established a dependable team of supervisors who review the work completed and offer feedback to agents, continuously improving the quality of the work processes.

Since maintaining quality is an ongoing task, we welcome frank feedback from clients. We take feedback as an opportunity to further improve our work processes.

Every client is a VIP: tailored attention is guaranteed

We treat each client with the utmost uniqueness. This is because we ensure each client receives personalized attention as if they were our only clients. Due to our commitment to tailored solutions and individualized care, we are able to build lasting partnerships. When you work with us, you will experience the feeling of returning home, where attentive and dedicated support awaits you.

If you are looking to outsource customer support, sales, or admin support for your business to India, contact us today.

Founder & CEO

Guiding the VMG team is Kartik Isvarmurti, our Founder & CEO. Kartik is an alumnus of Oxford University, UK, and brings entrepreneurial experience and leadership to help businesses outsource customer support, sales, and admin work processes to India.

Contact Information:

Our physical office is located in Bangalore, the thriving IT capital of India.

C-2/286, 2 C Cross,
Domlur II Stage
India 560071
Telephone: +91 9620 320 320
Email: [email protected]
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Innovating with Remote Teams

Our home base is in Bangalore, the dynamic IT hub of India. Nevertheless, since our inception in 2005, we’ve recognized that to attract the finest talent to our team, we must break free from the constraints of a traditional office setup. From day one, we embraced a remote-first philosophy, and today, nearly all our team members work remotely. We’ve successfully maintained seamless 24/7 operations for years without a hitch, thanks to our fully remote teams.

Remote work teams at VMG BPO outsourcing services company.
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